The Jan Kuehnemund - Vixen - Ernie Ball EVH Music Man Guitar
Life & Stuff · 15. May 2023
I'm the proud owner of the Ernie Ball Music Man previous owned by the late Jan Kuehneumund of Vixen which she used later in life including on the VH1 Bands Reunited show.

Budget Suzuki TU250X Brat Scrambler Custom
Suzuki TU250X :: Scrambler · 09. June 2022
Mods to my Suzuki TU250X along with links to products that I've used.

Handy Duo for ham and GMRS lovers.
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 02. June 2021
Two radios from two sources for two applications that came out of the same factory and pretty much share the same accessories.

It's time to add a 3d Printer to your Toolbox
Mods and Upgrades · 10. April 2021
If you work on your own vanagon you're probably pretty creative. A 3D printer can take that to a whole new level.

The budget friendly TYT TH-7800 Dual Band Radio
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 08. April 2021
A review of the TYT TH-7800 dual band amateur radio.

Vanagons, Antennas, Ham, CB, GMRS
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 09. December 2020
The vanagon isn't the easiest thing to put an antenna on. No ground plane.

Mods and Upgrades · 16. October 2020
After building the solar shower and loving the regulated air supply I decided to add a tank and be done with it.

Mods and Upgrades · 08. September 2020
This build took forever and I spent SO much more than the parts I ended up using, but I think it turned out great.

Mods and Upgrades · 24. August 2020
I like the rugged overland look I see done by some owners. I also like to have really good options!

Mods and Upgrades · 18. August 2020
Taking an overly complicated (and somewhat annoying) rear light experience and making it just about the brake light. SIMPLE install.

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