Subaru Conversion

Subaru Conversion · 04. December 2019
With the Vanagon being my only car right now, the conversion is somewhat on hold.
Subaru Conversion · 16. October 2019
I'm one of those people who shuffles things around in my head until I have a comfortable position on all the unknowns that face me. Here are a few things that have been bugging me this week. I want to get moving with the donor car. With my GTi being bought back by VW I have an empty garage right now, and it's the perfect time to get the donor and strip it before winter hits. I'm having a hard time finding a donor that I'm happy with now that I'm actually looking. It was one thing seeing...

Subaru Conversion · 30. September 2019
A long time ago I bought a tan colored rusty piece of junk Jeep Cherokee Wide Track for $300 and drove it home on about 6 of it's 8 cylinders. It was a labor of love for years, and ended up looking like this! At the time, Colorado Pick-and-pull yards were full of the Full Sized Woody Wagoneers sharing many of the parts, and that vehicle was seeing a resurgence in popularity. I discovered that interior lights, window motors, door handles, you name it, sold on eBay for top dollar. For almost a...

Subaru Conversion · 30. September 2019
Ah. Now I get it.. but if you don't go to during an actual auction it is REALLY hard to understand the process. Here's how it works. Cars either have an Auction date, or "Future" as their auction date. You can bid on a car at any time up to the Auction date, specifying a start and max bid, but nothing happens until the auction. Here's the kicker.. auction happens in a sequence, not in parallel. Say there are 1000 cars to be auctioned on a given day, they happen one at a time, and if...

Subaru Conversion · 30. September 2019
In Denver Colorado we are spoiled for choice.

Subaru Conversion · 26. September 2019
In Denver Colorado we are spoiled for choice.

Subaru Conversion · 18. September 2019
I thought it through, got it all worked out.. it's probably all going to be wrong and more expensive.

Subaru Conversion · 08. September 2019
Behold. I have bought a Subaru Conversion Part.

Subaru Conversion · 01. August 2019
Deciding which engine conversion to do has taken years.. and done my head in.