Budget Suzuki TU250X Brat Scrambler Custom
Suzuki TU250X :: Scrambler · 09. June 2022
Mods to my Suzuki TU250X along with links to products that I've used.

Handy Duo for ham and GMRS lovers.
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 02. June 2021
Two radios from two sources for two applications that came out of the same factory and pretty much share the same accessories.

It's time to add a 3d Printer to your Toolbox
Mods and Upgrades · 10. April 2021
If you work on your own vanagon you're probably pretty creative. A 3D printer can take that to a whole new level.

The budget friendly TYT TH-7800 Dual Band Radio
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 08. April 2021
A review of the TYT TH-7800 dual band amateur radio.

Vanagons, Antennas, Ham, CB, GMRS
Amateur Radio & GMRS · 09. December 2020
The vanagon isn't the easiest thing to put an antenna on. No ground plane.

Mods and Upgrades · 16. October 2020
After building the solar shower and loving the regulated air supply I decided to add a tank and be done with it.

Mods and Upgrades · 08. September 2020
This build took forever and I spent SO much more than the parts I ended up using, but I think it turned out great.

Mods and Upgrades · 24. August 2020
I like the rugged overland look I see done by some owners. I also like to have really good options!

Mods and Upgrades · 18. August 2020
Taking an overly complicated (and somewhat annoying) rear light experience and making it just about the brake light. SIMPLE install.

Mods and Upgrades · 30. June 2020
After making the whole low stance thing work.. it didn't work for me. Too harsh. What's next?

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