Mods and Upgrades

Mods and Upgrades · 30. June 2020
After making the whole low stance thing work.. it didn't work for me. Too harsh. What's next?

Mods and Upgrades · 11. May 2020
Building out a custom Motorcycle / Camping trailer based on a cheap Harbor Freight 40x48 trailer.

Mods and Upgrades · 04. December 2019
How does the Vanagon do in snow?

Mods and Upgrades · 01. June 2019
Summer 2020 update. THIS DIDN'T WORK OUT. Leaving this post here for reference in case it is of interest to people looking to lower their vanagon, especially if they are going for a bigger tire. In reality, the ride was too harsh and I changed it up with 16" wheels and 16" BFGs at stock height.

Mods and Upgrades · 15. March 2019
2018 was the year of the Honda CT90 for me. CT + Vanagon = Bliss.

Mods and Upgrades · 10. March 2019
LED Round Headlight conversion. Cheap and Easy!