Conversion on hold.. kinda

Well things have gone south of the overall fleet perspective!  In early October, VW force bought back my  brand new Golf GTi.  It was having stalling issues which they say they can't fix,  and is potentially a problem with all 2019 stick shift GLi and GTi cars.. although that hasn't stopped them selling them to other people.



The process was a nightmare.  VW  were hard to contact, unreliable, and inflexible.  The dealer was pretty much useless, so I think one brand new car is enough for my lifetime.  I'm going back to trying to find something old, reasonably priced, and cool.


That search is going slow, and honestly I no longer feel in a rush, which means the Vanagon is my daily driver for the winter at least.  We'll see what happens in spring.


I'm still looking at Subarus on a daily basis and if the right one comes along, like an accident damaged $500 "come and get it" then I will. 

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