The $5000 DIY Subaru Conversion Plan

I'm tracking all my Vanagon costs, and will include all conversion related costs in a column here if you want to see how things are going.. 


Here's the basic budget

  • + Buy a 2000-2004 Subaru with a 2.5  :: $1500  
  • + Engine refresh budget :: $500
  • + Do the wiring harness myself (Gulp!  If I get a stupidly cheap car I might change that plan).
  • + Go with VanCafe / RMW conversion parts because they are just up the road, and I like them.  $3200 estimate.
  •  + Misc & Unexpected :: $500
  • - Sell my vanagon engine for $400
  • - Make $600 out of parts on the Subaru

Total: Let's call it $5,000 considering I've already spent $100 on an oil pan (saving a bunch). 


Now compared to that Bostig conversion that's really cheap for what I think is a much better amount of power.  I don't remember where the Bostig comes in but say $7,500 to include skid plate and oil pan,  then the new bits you have to buy,  I think about $1k,  then the engine and a refresh, say another $1200.. that's touching $10k.  When their supercharger comes out, that's another $5k to get to the same kind of horsepower as the Subaru.   


Putting that number of $5,000 out there right now and we'll see how it goes.  Wish me luck.

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    Brandon (Tuesday, 28 March 2023 09:46)

    Any updates or is the mobile hub limited?