A great reason to add a tow hitch

Come spring I tend to find something to get obsessed about, and 2018 was all about this Honda CT90.   I picked it up in 2017 for $700 including title and in 2018 met up with some folks on Facebook and organized a few rides.  These things go anywhere.  Believe me,  when we're sitting on top of a mountain and people arrive on full out dirt bikes and quads they look at us like we're bonkers.


Here are a few pics from Rampart Range Road, just an our outside Denver.  It's national forest with many free camping areas.. so I'm sure you can see where this is going.

The main problem was that damn hitch carrier.  It was so heavy I had a sore back before even getting on the ride. So I bolted it to a trailer.

This was all 2018 and every time I went out to those hills I imagined how bad ass it would be to be in the Vanagon.  A place to rest,  a place to camp. Just a massive upgrade from the beater Montero.   Jumping forward to this year,  hoping to make that a reality (which I haven't yet)  once the Vanagon was running reasonably again I decided to put a decent hitch on it.


Now call me crazy, but I actually LIKE the minimalist lines of the stock bumpers, especially when they are painted black.  For that reason, and to save a few dollars, I went with the VanCafe Hidden Hitch.  I lurv it.  You barely notice it's there, but it bolts 12 inches into the frame with 3 bolts each side - probably the same way that the RMW bumpers do.   


Ready to go!  Except I need to rejet the CT90 and I've been putting all my time into the Vanagon.. and the 2.1 is a dog going up hills even without a trailer!  Let's go 2020!

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